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Vinyl is back

How can it be compared to Christianity?
Sat 4 Jun 2022

Our daughter’s just turned 21.

We bought her a new turntable, with speakers and plenty of vinyl records.

Vinyl’s made a comeback – big time. Seems there’s something magical, and tangible, about it.

Sure, Spotify is amazing. Digital music is the “here and now”. But vinyl is a link to the past – a time before everything was disposable.

Vinyl has captured a new generation who like the idea of something lasting longer than a week. It reveals a longing for something stable, older than ourselves.

That’s what makes Christianity so compelling. It didn’t spring up yesterday, it’s a timeless message about God’s grace. And like vinyl it seemed to go out of fashion. But like vinyl, it’s back.

Perhaps we’re not so impressed by the failed promises of the latest thing.

Digital spirituality comes and goes, but vinyl spirituality keeps on turning.

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