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The value of words

Mon 4 Apr 2022
Everyone likes getting a letter in the post
Bible as history
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Bible reference(s): John 1:1

I am a letter writer. Yeah, I know it's a bit old fashioned, but there is still nothing like getting a letter in the post.

In the recent film Cyrano, it can be said that the story is built on the value of beautifully written words. Specifically, this story shows the importance of words and how they provide depth, solace, expression and healing.

It is hard to imagine that the Bible could have an answer to the perplexing notion of the use of language and words, but it does. We can see God's value for words by giving his Son, Jesus, the label of The Word.

Like in the film where each letter that is written has purpose. The same can be said of the Bible. It continues to prove how every word has meaning and is a powerful force that can be life-changing since it comes from the one who created them.

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