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The value of multi-generational families

What can we learn from Belfast?
Sun 27 Mar 2022



I love films like Belfast (Reel Dialogue review below) that show the importance of multi-generational families.

Yet, the mere mention of the word family will bring a smile to many people’s lips, and for others, it will cause tears to well up in their eyes.

Belfast does bring out the best and worst of the family experience. Yet, it always holds the value of family in high regard. Showing that it is a bittersweet gift that is given to us by God.

Regardless of your personal experiences with your family, take a moment today.

Take the time to show or say to your parents, children and extended family the appreciation that you have for them.

Even if your family life has been hard. With God’s help you could be the catalyst to make a difference in your family’s life. Why not find something worth celebrating and say something nice to those in your family today.

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