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The ultimate domestique

Mon 22 Aug 2022
What to do with the 'weak link?'
Jesus' life, Jesus' death
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I love cycling

So I’ve had a few late nights recently, staying up to watch races like the Tour de France

Cycling is a genuine team sport

The weaker riders on the team – known as domestiques or servants – have one job – do all they can to help the strongest rider on the team win

It’s one of the beautiful things about the sport – seeing these riders sacrifice any chance of success for themselves for the sake of their teammate

In the Christian faith you see something of this beauty also, but even richer

Because in Christianity the domestique is not the weakest member of the team but the strongest

Jesus Christ, the team leader, sacrifices Himself for us, the weakest members of the team so we can win life forever with Him

And that’s a prize far more valuable than any yellow jersey

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