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Ukraine and Fish & Chips

What knock on effect do your words have?
Thu 8 Sep 2022


Bible reference(s): james 3:5

Fish and Chip shops in the UK had to shut down because of the war in Ukraine.

Weird but true.

Ukraine’s a major supplier of the world’s cooking oil. The war knocked out a major player from the global supply chain.

A dry up meant no fry up.

Unless you’re a English chip shop owner going out of business, it’s probably, er, small fry, compared to the war.

But it’s a reminder – there’s always a knock-on effect to our actions.

The book of James in the Bible says that a small spark can set off a huge forest fire.

And it compares that with a careless word setting off a fiery trail of relationship destruction.

Hello social media!

But remember, if war and careless words have a knock on effect, so too can peace and careful words.

What knock on effect do your words have?

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