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Thu 9 Mar 2023
Does religion promote tribalism?
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Does religion promote tribalism?

Some criticise religion because it divides people into the ‘tribes’ of insiders and outsiders—it draws a distinction between those who are ‘in’ the faith and everyone else.

But, then just about every human institution divides people between those who are ‘in’ and out.

Different ‘tribes’ speak different languages, hold different passports, and even sport—football divides people into ‘tribes’ of supporters.

It’s too simple to dismiss religion simply because it divides people.

So maybe instead, consider what those on the ‘inside’ of religions are encouraged to do?

And in the Christian religion, Jesus teaches those who believe in Him to love the outsider, to love their enemies and to pray for those who oppose them.

So, whilst the Christian religion may divide people into believers and non-believers, it doesn’t lead to hatred and prejudice—but instead love for all.