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Third Space Discussion Guide - Love

Everyone needs a Third Space
Thu 1 Feb 2024


Your guide to preparing third spaces and facilitating group discussions

Discussion Guide: LOVE

So you just caught the latest blockbuster in theatres, or maybe you binged an entire series in Netflix's Top 10 in one night. Perhaps your favourite band released a new album recently, or you just heard an intriguing take in the podcast you put on while driving to work.

Considering how these things might relate to our lives, faiths and cultures with others makes for rich, in-depth discussions.

Learn to coordinate, facilitate and review in preparation for your Third Space discussion group. You can also share these roles with other group members.

With this easy to use Third Space leader's guide, you can figure out how can you make the most of your time, make sure your group runs smoothly and encourage your group to engage with deeper questions.

Discussion topics: Trust, friendship, love, forgiveness, justice and faith.

After reading through the leader's guide, choose one of the Third Space Discussion Guides to get the conversation started.

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Everyone needs a Third Space

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