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Is there any evidence for an afterlife?

Reason to believe it's true
Sat 8 Jul 2023



I was recently reading author Hugh Mackay ponder if there was an afterlife:

the belief that human existence continues after we die.

Mackay looked at things like near-death experiences and concluded that:

"On such matters, an afterlife, we are free to make our own choices, because the evidence one way or another simply isn't available to us."

And I agreeā€”if you only looked at near-death experiences, then the evidence for an afterlife is ambiguous.

But Mackay neglected to consider any evidence of a person who had actually died and returned to life. Now, if that had happened, then that would be evidence for an afterlife, wouldn't it?

Well, according to the Bible, Jesus died and was raised to life, and this offers us far more decisive evidence for an afterlife;

and provides a reason to believe that maybe there is hope after death.

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