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Taking a Stand

Sat 9 Apr 2022
You don't have to go it alone
Film and TV
The Duke, Daniel, Shadrach, Mishach, Adendigo, Taking a stand, God
Bible reference(s): Daniel 3:16-28

One of the best films of the past year was The Duke. The story of Kempton Bunton and the portrait of the Duke of Wellington is captivating.

Yet, it will make you ask the question, why does anyone take a stand for anything?

Interestingly, it is a question that comes up throughout the Bible.

There are multiple examples, but one story involves three friends named Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who had to determine whether they would kneel before a newly unveiled statue of the king. The most significant difference between the two stories I mention is that the men in the Bible faced death. Yet, they saw death as a better choice than to betray God. It is an amazing tale in the book of Daniel and you should give it a read.

My friends, when you take a stand one thing worth considering is who is with you. You could be alone or friends, but for those of the Christian faith you can always know that God is standing by your side.

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