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Speed Friendships

The value of time, sacrifice and energy in relationships
Wed 19 Apr 2023

You've heard of fast food. But what about fast friendship? Recently, I saw a course advertising exactly this.

"Speed friendship conversations", it was called—promising to find me a creative soulmate in just a few short conversations.

How, there are some things in life we can get quickly. However, deep friendships isn't one of them.

Friendship takes time, sacrifice, energy.

But for that, we are richly rewarded with a deep relationship.

It's a little like this with Jesus.

Just give Him a quick listen, speed past Him without really getting to know Him and you might be disappointed. But sit with Him, spend time with Him, and I'm sure you'll find a rich, deep relationship that you'll never forget.

You'll discover just how much He has already sacrificed in order to have friendship with you.