Is Space Really the Final Frontier? | Third Space

Is Space Really the Final Frontier?

The most life-changing frontier you can experience
Thu 6 Jul 2023



Are you a Star Trek fan?

In its latest franchise offering, Amazon Prime's TV show Picard, shows us

the life Jean Luc Picard lives after he retires from being the iconic captain of the USS Enterprise.

Fun fact: Picard is one of the few characters who has once been assimilated by a robot collective. He is, in fact, not quite fully human, and not quite fully artificial intelligence.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is both fully human and fully God.

Jesus is fully human—he gets tired and needs to sleep. He gets hungry and needs to eat. He is tempted by Satan in the desert and needs to pray.

But Jesus is also fully God.

He has authority to forgive sins and power to perform miracles.

We may be wanting to explore space as a final frontier, but getting to know Jesus, who is human and fully God may be the most life-changing frontier you come across yet.

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