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Slow Living

Have you ever heard of it?
Fri 5 Apr 2024



Have you heard of 'slow living'?

Slow living has been described has been described as a way of living sustainably for the environment, but also for mental health. Practices include DIY home projects, making your own butter from milk, investing in a garden and upcycling old clothes.

The joy is literally in the making.

Some are drawn to slow living as a reaction to fast living. Always chasing the next thing. Lifestyles that have become too expensive to maintain.

But there is a cost to slow living too — it is very time-consuming.

We might compare ourselves to strangers on the Internet whose gardens are thriving, and feel bad when we can't keep up.

Jesus promises fullness of life in Himself.

The quality of life is not measured by how fast or slow we live it, but by who Jesus is in our lives.

What could life look like if we trusted in Jesus to be our Lord, Saviour and King?

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