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A gift to refresh us
Mon 26 Dec 2022



I’ve been travelling a lot so my sleep patterns are all haywire: sleeping too early, awake even earlier! It’s doing my head in.

We’ve got a funny relationship with sleep; we either love it, can’t get enough, or we think we’re better than sleep!

“I only need five hours a night!”

The Bible tells us God gives us sleep.

It’s a gift to refresh us, but also to humble us.

Sleep reminds us that we are not immortal, that our strength does not come from us—that we are limited, and that God is not.

The Bible says God does not sleep, not because he’s worried or jet-lagged, but because he lacks nothing, and nothing wears him out.

That’s a challenge to us; not to think we’re God, but a comfort too.

We can sleep because God is in control.

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