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Should I pray for a parking spot?

Finding God in the trivial things of life
Thu 25 May 2023



Is it wrong that I pray for a parking spot? We all do it, even though we think:

"There's no way that the God of this universe would care enough about a parking spot!"

It seems so small, so trivial. We may as well pray for our football team to win, or that we can find our lost keys. But based on that logic, why would God care about us at all? We're too trivial. But God does!

He cares so much that He knows the number of hairs on our head. He cares so much that He died for us on a cross.

So based on that logic, maybe God does care about football, keys and parking spots.

So, go ahead—pray for a parking spot.

And while you're there, please also pray for the Australian Wallabies to win? They need all our prayers.

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