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Servant Leadership

Thu 12 Aug 2021
Episode 3: A Spacious Place
Lifestyle and well-being
freedom, Safe Space, pressure, Physical, mental freedom, emotional freedom
Bible reference(s): John 13:1-17

In our current climate, have you ever felt a tad claustrophobic? A bit hemmed in? How can you run free, when you’re cooped up? In this episode from City Legal, David Robertson unpacks a famous phrase from one of the songs in the Bible: ‘He brought into a spacious place’. There’ll space to reflect upon what is important and how we can run free.


  • Alt
    Thu, 09/09/2021 - 8:41am reply

    I do rally appreciate and share your comments on the following this morning, David;
    - Don’t fear but care ; Christian never fear in faith;
    - Secular people may be tolerant, or put up with sufferings, whereas Christian’s attitude is that let’s go together. There is actually no tolerance and hatred but just love, a selfish-less compassion in faith, isn’t it?
    - Suffering is a tool of care and love;
    - Christian faith is broad and let’s leave a room for thinking for sake of mental cultivation

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