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Seeing Top Gun: Maverick

Sun 17 Jul 2022
The importance of the original story
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If you go to see the 2022 movie “Top Gun: Maverick”

Everyone tells you that you must first see the original “Top Gun” from 1986.

Otherwise the 2022 movie won’t make any sense.

But can you hear what people are telling us?

“Top Gun” (2022) by itself is a lot of fun. Good looking actors. Fast planes. Romance.

But the movie won’t make any sense unless it connects with the original story.

It’s the same with our life.

We too have a lot of fun. We go on holidays. We drive cars. Have a bit of romance.

But our life won’t make any sense unless it’s connected with a story. And not just any story. But the original story.

That’s why Jesus offers us the ultimate Original Story. God’s Story. The Gospel.

We have a need … a need not just for speed … but for Story.

Otherwise our lives will write cheques that our souls can’t cash.

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