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Scrolling for Control

Have you heard of the term 'doom scrolling'?
Tue 8 Aug 2023



Have you heard of the term 'doom scrolling'? It's the act of endless scrolling on your phone, down the rabbit hole of tragic news. It's a motion many of us are used to—mindlessly scrolling on our favourite app.

Psychologists have suggested that we are prone to scrolling on our phones at the end of a busy day.

It's our subconscious telling us that we need to control at least some part of our day. But as I scroll my evening away, I feel even less in control of my life! Time slips past without me knowing.

Perhaps the cure to our feelings of needing control is to actually surrender it; to finally embrace that we are not in control of our lives.

When we trust that God is sovereign and longs to offer us peace no matter what we're going through, it is much easier to accept that we can't control everything and that

that is ultimately a good thing.

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