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Saving your marriage

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Thu 15 Sep 2022



Want to save your marriage? Listen in.

Within the biblical framework of marriage and male/female relations, the beauty of learning how to love together is a gift from God.

Our world desires to minimise the value of long-term relationships and lift up the transactional side of human connection.

Yet, what couples need to discover in marriage is the incredible joy of learning about love from the person you are married to as the years progress.

That love is more than merely physical or emotional.

A true romance improves as we travel through life together in the physical, emotional and the spiritual realms.

Married couples need to see that marriage is an adventure. Something to explore together as they invest in their relationship.

What better place to discover this important lesson than within a marriage.

A connection that was intended by God at the beginning of time and will remain throughout human history.

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