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Saint Judy Discussion Guide

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Fri 7 Aug 2020

As a single mother and accomplished lawyer, Judy (Michelle Monaghan) does all that she can to provide for her son and serve her clients. The pair have to move to Los Angeles at her ex- husband’s request to spend more time with his son. After establishing herself in New Mexico as one of the foremost defence attorneys, Judy must start over at Ray Hernandez’s (Alfred Molina) immigration law practice. She must develop her own client base and help to bring in more income to the firm, but her compassionate heart gets in the way. As she builds up hundreds of clients, it is one that will determine the fate of her career and the life of women around the world. It is the plight of a young Afghan woman named Asefa (Leem Lubany) that grabs the attorney’s attention.

Reel Dialogue review - Saint Judy

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