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Right and Wrong

Can we really know they exist?
Thu 25 Jan 2024



People are always trying to answer what is right and wrong in this life.

But how do you determine right and wrong in this ambiguous world?

Some may look for answers in science, philosophy and religion—but have you ever thought to look into the Bible as a source to consider?

The wisdom found in the words of this book may not give specific answers to every situation that comes along in your life,

but it offers the framework to know how to make the right decisions, and to steer clear of the wrong ones.

Intrigued? If so, where do you start? All of the Bible addresses this topic, but some good places to begin are in the portions labelled 'Psalms' and 'Proverbs', or the book of 'Romans' in the New Testament.

In your journey to discover the difference between right and wrong, the Bible is the right place to start.

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