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Reframing retirement

Thu 21 Jul 2022
We are wired for work
Lifestyle and well-being
Retirement, God, Work

Have you ever noticed what happens to many people when they retire?

Or maybe what happened to you.

They start, well, working again!

Maybe not paid work, but many people in retirement find they still want to keep being productive.

And there’s a simple reason why.

The Bible teaches that God is a worker, and He made us to work just like Him

We’ve been what I like to call “wired to work”

And that doesn’t just magically switch off the day we retire

We might slow down a bit, change what we do as our strength and energy deteriorates.

But we’ll likely find life more fulfilling and satisfying when we’re kept productive, especially when we’re doing things for others.

Knowing this sets us up well for the best kind of retirement

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