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Race Grace

More refreshing than an energy drink
Wed 7 Sep 2022

I loved the Commonwealth Games.

The standout was the women’s marathon.

Three Aussies in the top five, including the gold medal by Jess Stenson.

She won it with talent, hard work and a bit of grace.


Well, as Stenson was running past a drink station, her specific energy drink was missing. Missing a drink station can be the difference between a medal and a blow up.

In a reflex move, fellow Aussie Eloise Wellings, who came fourth, passed her bottle to Jess, enabling her to keep going.

A reflex move of grace, from another runner, who – as a follower of Jesus - also heads up an aid agency in Uganda called Love Mercy Foundation.

Grace is a reflex when we love mercy.

When we’ve been given mercy we hand it on.

God’s grace – more refreshing than an energy drink, will get you across the line.

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