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The Queen

It’s still hard to believe the Queen died
Mon 14 Nov 2022

It’s still hard to believe the Queen died
Of course we knew she would – eventually. We all die

But the Queen? She seemed such a presence in the world.
Always in the background of our lives
We kinda took her for granted.
And now she’s gone.

Things have changed
Things HAD changed
It’s not the same world
She became Queen in.

The Queen’s death reminds us
That there’s a time for everyone to die.

But the Queen’s faith
A faith she told the world about
Reminds us that there’s a King greater than the Queen.

The Bible tells us that God is a King
Who sits enthroned – in charge –
No matter the changes that take place.

And this is a King who won’t die.
He’s the God who can
Not only save the king
But can save us too.
The only King who lives and reigns forever.

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