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The power of storytelling

What's your story?
Fri 23 Sep 2022

What keeps me going back to the movies is my love of a well-told story.

Something that has been part of the human tradition since the beginning of time. When filmmakers manage to capture the essence of what each person holds within them.

Two key elements include our insatiable need to share our stories and the eagerness to engage with tales from others' lives. Humanity is built on a history of well-constructed narratives.

One could argue that we are created for story by the ultimate storyteller. The God who wrote mankind into existence

Each story has an element of the metanarrative originally written by God. Whether you agree with this proposition or not, have you considered engaging the most extraordinary story ever told? The Bible story of Jesus.

Why not start today to read about the story that is about you and for you?

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