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The Power of Place

Thu 16 Feb 2023
Why should we choose stability?
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Over summer, I read a fascinating, but also challenging book, all about place, encouraging readers to “choose stability”.

The premise is simple - for real deep relationships to be formed we need to not be constantly jumping from job to job, or city to city, or school to school.

Now don’t get me wrong - there are often plenty of very good reasons for moving from one place to another. But in a time when moving is so simple, the book was a challenge to be present in the spaces we occupy.

That’s where real love and real relationships can begin to be formed.

Kind of like God, who doesn’t love from a distance, but inhabited a real space in the person of Jesus, loving people up close.

And really that’s the guide to whether we stay or go—love.

Might love for others mean in 2023 that rather than looking forward to changes, choosing stability might be the best way forward?

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