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The Post-Book Blues

A state of sadness we feel because we've reached the end
Sat 16 Sep 2023



Do you ever feel sad or a sense of grief as you reach the end of a really good book? Or the final episode of a television series you've come to love?

This is commonly known as the post-book blues.

It is a state of sadness we feel because we've reached the ending of a world we've come to know and characters we've grown attached to.

The Bible is not a book where you'll get the post-book blues. This is because the Bible is one big story about the world God created and His relationship with it.

What's more—its central character is Jesus, a real-life being who is still alive today!

The deeper you go in the Bible, the more clearly you'll see that the story does not end on the last page.

God promises eternal life through Jesus. This story does not end with death, but glorious victory!

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