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Positive Suffering

Mon 12 Sep 2022
Can suffering be good for us?
Suffering, sin and evil
Suffering, Father Stu, Grace, mercy, God
Bible reference(s): John 9

Father Stu is a compelling film about the life of Father Stuart Long.

His journey from boxer to actor to priesthood and then contracting a muscle disorder that eventually led to his death.

Wow, there is alot there.

One thing he said about his disorder was that "Sometimes, with people like me. We need things like this to be able to make those changes and decisions in our life that are gonna help us to become better people, to become the people that God has created us to be when he sent us to this planet."

Within John 9, Jesus addresses the issue of God's ways and how some of life's difficulties can be a means of showing mercy and grace when he talks of the works of God being displayed.

We may not be able to explain away the bad things in this life, but we can trust that God is working it all together for good.

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