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How are you at sharing your faith?
Sun 12 Feb 2023

In the confronting film The Whale, one character who stood out was the fumbling and flawed evangelist, Thomas. Despite his feeble attempts at sharing his faith, one thing about his character that rang true was his perseverance.

He gets something right with his desire to serve those around him as he humbly returns to reach out to the central character, Charlie.

It reminded me as a Christian that the only promise of those who go out to share their faith is hardship and persecution. The evangelist is not meant to be motivated by joyful responses to the words they share, but instead to persevere through the challenges that come.

The film attempts to paint the role of the missionary as bad, it ultimately proves the opposite.

Thomas is an unexpected inspiration for all who put their faith out there for scrutiny,

reminding Christians that we should persevere, regardless of the response they receive.

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