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Patriotism - good or bad?

Wed 17 Nov 2021
Do you love your country?
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Today I want to ask if you love your country?

Not something you may not think of often, but in the true-to-life spy film, The Courier it had me thinking about my love for the country in which I live.

Which could have some / asking if patriotism is a biblical concept? Yes and no.

A Christian should understand that their citizenship is not found in an earthly kingdom, but in the Kingdom of God.

It says in Philippians that Christians are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives.

This should not diminish a person's pride in their country, but may make them realise that the first priority of a follower of God is to be loyal to Him and that our love of country should take a back seat.

I guess the question is where is your citizenship?

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