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The Pale Blue Dot

Against the backdrop of a vast universe, God still cares for us
Wed 9 Aug 2023


Bible reference(s): Psalm 8:3-4

A famous photo was taken by the spacecraft Voyager 1. Voyager was over 6 billion kilometres from Earth when it turned for one last look at Earth and took a photo of just a tiny pale blue dot. Our home.

Atheist cosmologist Carl Sagan thought that this tiny point of pale light showed our utter insignificance in the universe and challenged the idea that we have some privileged position there.

However, being small does not necessarily mean insignificance.

As Psalm 8 in the Bible says:

"When I consider Your heavens...the moon and the stars, what are human beings that You care for them?"

This is the astonishing news of the Bible—that even though our pale blue dot of a world might be insignificant against the backdrop of a vast universe,

God still cares for us—so much that He even sent His son to die for us.

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