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Wed 26 Oct 2022
The complete physician
Jesus, Suffering, sin and evil
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I’ve just had an MRI on my spine because of recurring pain in my calf and ankle. I’ve poked and prodded them with all sorts of physio equipment, to no avail.

It’s killed off my running for weeks.

So then I went to a physio and a doctor. That’s when I got sent to get an MRI.

Turns out – the pain in my leg is coming from my spine and it’s most likely to do with nerves being trapped.

Here I was thinking it was somewhere else.

Turns out the source of pain isn’t always the place that pain presents. I needed expert advice – someone who knew the way the body works.

It’s true of all pain, emotional, spiritual, relational. Sometimes the presenting issue ISN’T the issue.

Jesus says he came for those who knew they were sick. He is the spiritual MRI that can see the source of the problem, but not only see it, to heal it too. Jesus is the complete physician.

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