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Our World is Insignificant

Tue 4 Jan 2022
Carparks are small stuff
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The carpark at my daughter’s school was bad.

Every drop off was terrible! Waiting for ages to get back out.

One time I beat the carpark. I swerved past a soccer mum in a KIA, zoomed past a teacher, then I was out! Fist pump, “Yessss!

Until my daughter yelled, “Dad, dad you were supposed to let me out of the car!"

Sometimes we’re so focussed on small stuff, we forget the big stuff. The Bible says let God take care of the small stuff.

The big stuff is to focus on Him. Jesus said it would be a shame to gain lots of stuff everything and yet to lose our soul. Focussing on the small at the expensive of the big.

Carparks are small stuff. What kinda stuff are you focussed on today?

Jesus invites you to turn your focus to him.

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