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For the ones who stayed

Thu 5 May 2022
For the ones who left
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I loved the movie “Belfast”

The movie shows a family’s dilemma, in Belfast, during The Troubles.

Should they stay – but suffer violence? But if they go – they leave friends, family, and memories.

The movie is director Kenneth Branagh’s own story.

But it was also my grandparents’ – when they left China for Hong Kong. And my parents’ – when they left Hong Kong for Australia.

The movie ends with this dedication:

“For the ones who stayed. For the ones who left. And for all the ones who were lost.”

We desire safety and home. But what if home is not safe? And what if it’s safe but it’s not home?

But Jesus left his safe home for our unsafe home. So he could offer us a new home – where we’re forever safe in him.

So this is our dedication to Jesus:

For the One who did not stay; For the One who left his Home; To seek and save those who are lost … to give them a Home.

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