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One Life for the Sake of Many

Love your neighbour as yourself
Tue 30 Apr 2024



NIcholas Winton's story in the beautiful film, One Life, shows how one life can affect scores of others, since he was the organiser of the Kindertrains that saved hundreds of children prior to World War II. This story shows how a person's decisions have effects that ripple throughout time.

One Life is a reflection of the words of Jesus: "Love your neighbour as yourself."

This sounds easy enough and straightforward, but proves to be challenging to do. Why? Because the ability to practice loving our neighbours can only be based on the first part of Jesus' original quote.

You see, loving others can only truly be experienced by first loving God, because He first loved us.

To be clear, people can love without God, but it is only by God's power that we truly can understand what it means to love our neighbour.

Love God, love others. They go hand in hand.

"File:Statue of Nicholas Winton in Prague.jpg" by Jenda H. is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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