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No religion?

What box did you tick on the census?
Fri 15 Jul 2022



Did you tick “no religion” on the census?

If you did, then you’re part of a growing group of Aussies.

But does no religion mean you don’t have beliefs? Not really. We call the no-religion belief “secularism.”

The story of secularism is that public truth is really just limited to observable facts. Everything else is private opinion.

Truth is like a rock covered by all these barnacles called religions. Once we scrape away the, we’ll get to reality. That’s how the story goes anyway.

But can you see that’s exactly right It’s a story. And stories are the things we tell ourselves to make meaning and give purpose to our lives

Turns out we all believe something by faith – whether religious or not.

Can your story hold the weight of your life’s meaning?

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