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New Year, Same God

One resolution you know will be fulfilled
Sat 16 Mar 2024



The other day, I overheard a lacy on the train say to her friend, "In the new year, I want to start exercising more often, drink more water and stop making excuses."

New Year's resolutions are a great opportunity to take stock of your current lifestyle and make changes to improve.

What would you like to start? What habits would you like to stop? What would you like to investigate?

But there are so many factors which determine how well these new changes stick and become part of your everyday life.

In the year ahead, there are likely to be things that you predicted and some that you haven't. Every year brings its own surprises, and sometimes even tragedies.

Thank God we can entrust our lives to the author of life itself — the God who sees the future and promises to keep us safe in Jesus.

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