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Nasal Hairs

Wed 9 Nov 2022
You can never be beautiful enough for society
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They now sell nasal hair waxing kits.

When did this become a thing?

As a guy, it used to be enough to shave your face. But now we have to wax our nasal hairs?

The standards of beauty keep moving further away.

Once you attain one standard, society creates another standard.

You can never be beautiful enough for society.

When we get rid of the loving, forgiving God of the Bible, we replace him with another god – a Society that will never love you and never forgive you.

We can never be good enough for this god.

Maybe it’s time we return to the God of the Bible. The God who loves and forgives you.

Jesus says that God loves us so much that he knows exactly how many hairs are on our head.

That means he also knows the number of our nasal hairs. And God loves them exactly as they are.

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