My sore knee | Third Space

My sore knee

Watch out for the little foxes
Fri 4 Mar 2022


Bible reference(s): Luke 13:32

My knee is making me hobble.

I’ve got a tear in my patellar tendon and it’s taking ages to heal. I run A lot. And running can damage your patellar

But here’s the thing: I tore it missing a step on the stairs

All that running! No problems! Then Boom - an old man injury with one little misstep!

It’s the little missteps that can get us into trouble.

The Bible says “The little foxes spoil the vineyards”

The small things we over-look can trip us up Big bad sins?

Stay away from them

  • But unchecked grumpiness
  • That wandering eye
  • The tendency to always want to be right

Keep on eye on the little missteps

The little foxes: they’re the ones that can hobble you.

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