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The Multiverse Problem

Let's discuss the new heaven and new earth
Fri 14 Jul 2023



We have a multiverse problem. It seems like every movie franchise seems to be incorporating a multiverse...

and most of the time, it messes everything up.

When does it end? Not sure we can get the genie back in the bottle, but it does open the conversation of what the multiverse offers.

It taps into our desire to find something better than this world...or that we somehow fix the problems of society by "resetting" the world with a new multiverse.

Who would've thought that the Bible would give answers to the multiverse problem?

Throughout the Bible, there is talk of a new heaven and new earth. Jesus even speaks of it, and the book of Revelation shows us what it will look like.

Yet, instead of the mess, the Bible's depiction of the new heaven, new world, is something better for all who are willing to believe.

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