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Motorbike or Scooter?

Mon 30 Jan 2023
Which do you want: danger or chill?
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Is it the Motorbike or Scooter?

When you ride a motorbike – you should wear full protective gear. But when you ride a scooter – you can wear shorts and a t-shirt. But what’s the difference? You ride at the same speed.

You face the same risks!

But on a motorbike it’s all about danger. But on a scooter it’s all about being chill. Jesus in the Bible is exactly the same.

He is both danger and chill at the same time.

Jesus asks us to take up our cross. Give up everything. Lose our life to follow him. Can’t get more dangerous than that!

But Jesus also says his yoke is light and easy. If we follow him we will find rest. Can’t get more chill than that!

Danger and Chill. Lose a life - Gain a life. Motorbike and Scooter.

Jesus really is everything we need in this life and then some more.

Jump on the back and enjoy the ride. But the tattoo is an optional extra.


  • Alt
    Sun, 12/02/2023 - 6:45pm reply

    So if we wore t-shirt riding on motorbikes, that would be looking chill, but living dangerously?

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