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Thu 10 Nov 2022
How does money work?
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How does money work?

How does handing over a $5 note pay for bread? Or tapping a credit card pay for milk?

And why can’t we just print more money so we can buy more things?

That’s because money represents an exchange of goods or services.

We can’t just print more of it. It will have no value.

So where does our value come from?

We can’t just create our own value. That’s like printing our own money.

But what goods or services are we linked to?

Is it what we do? Is it what we own?

But like money this will soon lose value.

But if we have Jesus – then our life is linked to someone with infinite value.

It’s not what we do or what we own that gives us value. It’s who we have in our life.

Jesus gives us “infinite value”. And that’s worth banking our life on.

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