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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl Discussion Guide

Mon 18 Jan 2016
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Packaged as a quirky coming-ofage story, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl surprisingly becomes a magnificent drama with an unexpected depth. In amongst the story of a self-centred teenage boy comes a portrait of loss, love and life. The central character from Jesse Andrews' novel is Greg (Thomas Mann) who lives a shallow high school existence that is independent of meaningful relationships and conflict. His only friend is Earl (RJ Cyler), a childhood friend who partners with Greg in avoiding most of high school's trappings and together they make film parodies. They exist throughout their final scholastic year without much drama until Greg is asked by his mother to visit Rachel (Olivia Cooke). She is a classmate who has been diagnosed with leukaemia. Greg and Rachael try to make the best of an awkward situation and satisfy their parent's request to connect. Their relationship moves from standoffish to a symbiotic existence. They come to realise they need each other's support and friendship through this traumatic time. Unlike many John Green novels or John Hughes films, this story has a realistic depth in its many layers in life's trials.

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