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Marie Kondo

She has "come clean"
Mon 20 Feb 2023

Marie Kondo has "come clean" that her own house is not as decluttered as it used to be. Marie Kondo is famous for teaching us to declutter:

Only keep what "sparks joy" and throw away everything else.

But now that she has three kids, her home is cluttered.

The Internet has responded with self-righteous glee. If the queen of tidy can't keep her own house in order, it makes us feel a lot better about ourselves.

But I say: good on Marie Kondo.

She could've pretended that her life was in order. But instead, she was brave enough to fess up.

Jesus expects us to do the same.

We shouldn't pretend that our lives are in order. Jesus doesn't want us to clean up only to fail, over and over again. Instead, Jesus wants us to "come clean". To fess up that we're cluttered with sin, guilt, guilt, same, brokenness,

But He will do the cleaning up.

That's something that should really spark joy.

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