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Thu 9 Jun 2022
Why is the latest buzzword?
Lifestyle and well-being
Manifest, prayer, Universe, God, Giving
Bible reference(s): Matthew 7:11

One of the buzz words at the moment is “manifest” – as in “the universe is going to manifest to me”.

In other words, if I wish real hard, the universe is going to give me the things I want.

Almost like how people viewed God until people stopped believing in God.

But here’s the rub: If there is no God and there is only the universe, then the universe is cold, impersonal, unthinking and unable to think.

Wish all your like, but an accident of history ain’t gonna manifest!

And even if it could, what’s the guarantee it would manifest good things?

Jesus said “Ask your heavenly Father, he’ll give you what you need.”

An impersonal universe manifesting, or a loving God generously giving?

I know what I’d prefer.

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