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The Lunch

Staggering and gracious generosity
Sun 17 Sep 2023



Recently, I went out for a pub lunch with a group of people. It was a great meal and we all enjoyed our food.

Then, after we'd finished eating, one of the lunch attendees went up to the counter to pay for their food, but discovered astonishingly and unexpectedly that someone had already paid for everyone's meals.

This would have cost hundreds of dollars and we were all staggered by this person's generosity.

This event reminded my of the generosity - the grace - of Jesus.

That when we believe in Him, through His death on the cross, He is phenomenally generous to us.

Even though we don't deserve it, Jesus gives us His goodness, His righteousness and salvation by nothing that we have done.

In fact, the grace of God is so astonishing that we receive these things even when we were God's enemies.

This is staggering generosity, and amazing grace indeed.

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