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Lovin' Vegemite

Sun 31 Jul 2022
How belonging makes a difference in taste
Lifestyle and well-being
Bible reference(s): 1 Peter 2:9-10

Oooooh I love vegemite

Think of a buttery, crusty slice of bread – with Vegemite smeared on top.


But let’s face it … we only love vegemite because it’s Australian!

We wouldn’t love it if it was American! Eeeeeew yuk!

But it’s the same the other way around.

The rest of the world doesn’t love Vegemite. Because they’re not Australian.

They love other weird stuff – like durian, or oysters, or black pudding. But never Vegemite.

But we love Vegemite because we’re Australian. It’s Australian. It belongs to us.

It’s the same with Jesus.

The rest of the world finds us unlovable. Not smart enough. Not rich enough. Not good looking enough.

But Jesus loves us. Because we belong to him.

He loves us so much that he died for us and poured out his Spirit on us. So that we can belong to him forever.

And yes there will be vegemite in heaven, so the rest of the world better learn to love it.

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