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Have you ever been tricked by the indoor temperature?
Sat 9 Dec 2023



Have you ever been tricked by the indoor temperature?

Just the other day, I woke up to an extremely cold house. But the app on my phone indicated that it was at least 26 degrees outside. Before I head out, I'm faced with a choice:

Do I go with that feels true in this moment, or what is actually correct information?

The Bible is not a weather app, but it is God's gift of truth to us. When life gets busy, I feel as though I need to sacrifice sleep and everything feels urgent!

But God has promised that He is in control and He has designed us for proper rest.

So, do I go with what feels true? Or seek the wisdom of God, the Creator of all things?

For our good and for His glory, let's choose to live God's truth.

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