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Is Life Worth Living?

Fri 3 Mar 2023
The purpose of life
Jesus' teaching
Life, Purpose, Bible, mortality
Bible reference(s): John 10:10

Is life worth living? Wow, that is quite a question to be asked from a guy on the radio.

Yet, it is one we are confronted with every day.

When faced with our own mortality, the question of why we live and our purpose is likely to come up.

How do we answer this simple, but complex question? Where can we find the answers?

Well, thankfully the Bible is filled with teaching about life's meaning, value, and purpose.

Jesus teaches how to live a fulfilling life, and He gave up His life so that those who follow Him would have an eternal one. He even said:

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Wow, life to the full. Sounds good, So, I guess I’m saying a good place to start when considering the value of life, why not give the Bible a try?