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Life Hacks Will Not Save You

God understands what it means to be human
Tue 11 Jul 2023



Are you familiar with the concept of life hacks? These are alternative ways of doing everyday tasks which provide better results. It seems there is a life hack for everything—how to open jars, how to fold a fitted sheet, or even to make the most of frequent flyer points!

We all want improved ways of living, and we want it now.

But perhaps there are parts of life which cannot be hacked. Technology can help find our next relationship, career opportunity or connection, but it cannot guarantee the success of any of these parts of life.

Sometimes there are just no shortcuts in life to bypass disappointment and frustration.

In Jesus, we see that God understands what it means to be human. There is no hack to filling the spiritual void of needing purpose and unconditional love in life.

In Jesus, God does away with shortcuts and offers us eternal life.

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