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Everything we do makes a difference
Wed 28 Dec 2022

Why is doing the laundry so not fun?

Because it’s not just one thing. It’s a bunch of things – all of which are not fun. There’s washing, hanging, drying, sorting, ironing, folding. And then sure enough, you’re still going to lose a sock. Aaaarrrggh!

So why do we do it?

Because deep down – doing the laundry is purposeful.

Doing the laundry is miserable. But it’s worth it for the clean clothes to wear.

It’s a metaphor for life.

Much of life can be miserable. But if there’s purpose, then that makes all the difference.

But we only have purpose if we know why we’re here.

That’s why God sent us his Son Jesus. So that we can know God personally and also know why we’re here.

Suddenly life will be purposeful. Everything we do makes a difference.

I just wish Jesus could also help us know where we lost that sock.

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